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Facial Aesthetics Food™ capsules

World's First for Skin & Facial Bone Support
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Facial Aesthetics Food™ capsules

World's First for Skin & Facial Bone Support
FACIAL AESTHETICS FOOD™ is the World's First Supplement for Skin and Facial Bone Support, and is recognised by thousands of men and women.

Professionally formulated by a skincare expert who wanted to develop a product that will maximise her clients' results. She would take our active ingredients as three separate supplements as a beauty booster to her regular multivitamin. Now you can take all three ingredients in a single capsule, for ease and cost effectiveness! 

 women showing visible results and benefits



When sea buckthorn is paired with silica and vitamin C, you have the Facial Aesthetics Food formula, which promotes clear, hydrated skin; supercharges your collagen production for plump, smooth skin; and helps to support your facial bone to protect your youthful facial contours.


1. Sea Buckthorn “beauty” berry for skin health
The Sea Buckthorn "beauty" berry is derived from a superfood with a skin loving profile of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Strengthening and protecting your skin’s natural barrier can help to keep water in for hydrated skin, and bacteria out for clearer skin.

diagram of skin barrier


2. Silica for facial bone health
Silica helps to support your facial bone matrix. From our early twenties, our facial skeleton starts to shrink. Signs of  bone shrinkage include:

  1. Eye socket - dark circles, hollow ring around the eyes and hooded eyebrows.
  2. The midface - loss of definition in the cheeks.
  3. Jawline & chin - chin recession and weak contours which can eventually lead to sagging skin and a double chin.

diagram to show effects of facial bone loss

3. Vitamin C for anti-ageing support
Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation. Collagen helps our skin to be smooth, plump and firm. 


women with citrus fruit vitamin c to show anti ageing

Why only 3 active ingredients? 

There is only a certain amount of space in one capsule and we want to give you the relevant levels of each ingredient. We didn't cram in lots of ingredients in levels too small for visible results. We have selected three targeted ingredients, in levels which we think will give you the best results. 


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How to Take

We love to take 2 capsules per day with a regular multi-vitamin and a full glass of water for a targeted beauty boost. 

Consistent use is important for boosting your results. We don't want you to miss a single day of your new regime, so as a thank you for being a part of The Beauty Berry Company family, we provide our supplement at an even better price, when you select our multi-packs.           


facial aesthetics food and multivitamin

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FYI – Vegan Collagen vs Marine Collagen

  • Vegan collagen skincare by supplementing targets the cause of collagen loss, poor collagen production, and collagen instability. Supercharge your natural collagen production and help to stabilise it with plant ingredients.
  • Did you know that without silica and vitamin C together there is no Collagen?! Collagen needs them BOTH for its natural production and stability. We provide 250mg of silica per serving, from bamboo plant extract (oh yes!!).
  • Plants in vegan collagen do more than animal supplements in just helping to build collagen. The sea buckthorn “beauty” berry is rivalling the acai and goji because of its unique antioxidant, flavonoid, and carotenoid profile. Great for promoting clear skin, boosting moisture, and fighting environmental free radicals.