The World's First Supplement for
Skin & Facial Bone Support

Facial Aesthetics Food®


Meet Our Active Ingredients

*Sea Buckthorn is derived from a unique superfood with a skin loving profile of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids.

*Silica supports your facial bone matrix. Gradual bone loss starts from mid twenties and contributes to a range of facial changes, including hollow under-eye circles, flattened cheeks and hooded brows.

*Silica works with Vitamin C to support your natural Collagen production and stability.

We don't adopt the "blanket approach" like some companies do and cram in lots of ingredients (in levels too small for visible results). There is only a certain amount of space in each capsule. We have selected only 3 targeted ingredients because relevant levels of each lead to maximum results.

A formula that works!

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We love to take it with our regular multivitamin, for a targeted beauty boost.


World's First

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