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Facial Aesthetics Food®

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Supporting your Facial Aesthetic concerns

Facial Aesthetics Food
  • Hydrated, Clearer Skin

    *A strengthened barrier function (outer skin layer) keeps moisture in and bacteria out.

  • Facial Bone Density Support

    *Protect your youthful facial structure. Help to prevent dark circles, hollowing of the eyes and loss of definition in your cheeks, jawline and chin (caused by bone density loss). 

  • Plumper & Brighter Skin, plus Fine Line/Wrinkle Prevention

    *Improve your collagen production/stability and notice a change in the clarity and glow of your skin.

  • Visible Results

    *Why only 3 active ingredients? We have used minimal targeted ingredients so that we can give you relevant levels of each, for visible results.

Meet Our 3 Active Ingredients

*Sea Buckthorn is derived from a superfood with a skin loving profile of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids.

*Silica supports your facial bone matrix. Gradual bone loss starts from your early twenties. This is why some women end up adding filler to their under eye area, chin, cheeks and jawline.

*Silica is that it is known as the "glue" that holds Collagen together, but without Silica & Vitamin C TOGETHER there is no Collagen! Both are needed for your Collagens stability and production.

Speciality formula

We like to use our beauty booster in addition to our regular multi-vitamin.

Did you know... it is not only loved by many, it is based on science?!