The World's First Supplement for
Skin & Facial Bone Support

Facial Aesthetics Food®

Vegan Collagen skin supplement called Facial Aesthetics Food Vegan Collagen skin supplement called Facial Aesthetics Food

The Benefits

  • Clear, Hydrated Skin

    Plant-based antioxidants to help promote clear skin and boost skin moisture.

  • Plumper & Smoother Skin, plus Fine Line/Wrinkle Support

    Scientifically proven to increase and help stabilise type I, III and IV Collagen.

  • Facial Contour Support

    Our beauty mineral Silica is proven to support the facial bone matrix, which starts to naturally shrink from our twenties.

  • Visible Results

    Why only 3 active ingredients? We have used minimal targeted ingredients so that we can give you relevant levels of each, for visible results.

Meet Our Active Ingredients

*Sea Buckthorn is derived from a superfood with a skin loving profile of anti-oxidants, flavonoids and carotenoids.

*Silica supports your facial bone matrix. Gradual bone loss starts from your early twenties. This is why some women end up adding filler to their under eye area, chin, cheeks and jawline.

*Silica is known as the "glue" that holds Collagen together, but without Silica & Vitamin C TOGETHER there is no Collagen! Both are needed for your Collagens stability and production.

We don't adopt the "blanket approach" like some companies do and cram in lots of ingredients (in levels too small for visible results). There is only a certain amount of space in each capsule. We have selected only 3 targeted ingredients because relevant levels of each lead to maximum results.

Don't just take our word for it.

See the Reviews

Vegan Collagen, but to provide deeper benefits.

Facial Aesthetics Food™ is not your average beauty booster. It is not only designed for skin health, but to also support your underlying facial structure. We want you to have clear, soft, smooth skin, whilst helping to protecting your youthful contours (yes please!).

We love to take with our regular multivitamin for a targeted beauty boost.

Facial Aesthetics Food and multivitamins with a glass of water Facial Aesthetics Food and multivitamins with a glass of water