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sea buckthorn (OUR HERO INGREDIENT):
A potent anti-oxidant profile For beautiful skin

Anti-oxidants protect our skin from the free radicals which cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that steal electrons from other (skin) molecules, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-oxidants stop free radicals by giving them an electron to make them stable so they don't "attack" our skin.

Free radicals are triggered by UV radiation (sunlight), pollution, stress, poor diet and alcohol.

Why is my skin not hydrated/dewy?
Why do I have adult acne?

Hydrated skin is not all about drinking water, it's also about repairing your barrier function (top layer of skin). If the barrier function is compromised moisture will escape and bacteria/toxins (from the environment or your make-up brushes) can enter.

Consuming anti-oxidants improves your water barrier function, helping your skin to be more hydrated and less prone to spots...Perfect skin naturally, but also an ideal base for makeup!

Active Ingredient 2: Silica 
for A beautiful facial bone structure

The importance of Silica 

From our early twenties, our facial skeleton(bone) starts to shrink and we can eventually lose as much as 10% of our bone density. It is loss of bone density which is why we can tell that one person is older than another even if they both don’t have any wrinkles.

Silica helps to support the prevention of facial bone density loss and improve bone matrix quality.

The use of injectable fillers for Facial Reshaping has increased, as having a balanced facial profile and structure is desired. However, this is just a temporary solution. It doesn’t help the underlying issue, or protect you from further bone density loss in the future. For those who already use dermal fillers, Silica consumption can reduce the risk of needing to increase the amount of product needed with time.

How will bone density loss change my face? 

The 3 main places where bone density loss occurs in the face are:

   1. The orbital rim (eye socket), causing dark circles and a hollow ring around the eyes. 

   2. The mid-face. This causes loss of definition in the cheeks.

   3. The mandible (jawline & chin), causing a recessed chin which creates an imbalanced side profile. The lack of contour to the jawline can eventually lead to jowls (sagging skin).

Below is a video demonstration of how this happens.

The Silica in Facial Aesthetics Food 

Many supplements which have silica will contain as little as 5mg per serving and use horsetail to supply their Silica. Horsetail contains only 10% Silica.

At The Beauty Berry Company we use over 330mg of bamboo extract (per serving) to ensure that you receive 250mg of Silica. Bamboo extract provides a superior quality and high strength source of Silica. Bamboo contains 70% silica (the largest amount available naturally).

FACT: Children have large amounts of silica in their bodies. This is why they have cuter rounder cheeks, thicker lips and plump/smooth skin. An average adult loses at least 300mg of silica per day, but their bodies only take in about 50mg from what they eat.

active ingredient 3: Vitamin c 
put a stop to early signs of aging & BRIGHTEN SKIN

Silica by itself is amazing, but when paired with the skin brightening Vitamin C the duo has more amazing benefits! Silica needs Vitamin C to support collagen stability and production.

To be put simply, without Silica and Vitamin C TOGETHER there is no collagen!

The importance of Collagen

Collagen is a vital part of your skin. From your early twenties you start to lose collagen, leading to dry skin, lines and wrinkles. Loss of collagen stability will eventually start to cause sagging skin.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that supporting your collagen supplies can: 

 - Enhance skin hydration
 - Improve skin elasticity and smoothness
 - Reduce wrinkles.

Humans, unlike other animals, cannot make vitamin C. We must consume it from supplements or our diet.

Facial Aesthetics Food

Your beauty booster to help you maintain a beautiful facial structure plus have clearer, plumper and more resilient skin with a healthy luminous glow.


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